Ticket Updates

Update 9/22/10:

CUbuffs.com is now selling some individual tickets to the UGA at CU game.


Update 7/26/10:

CU Three Pack on sale early!

CU put up their three pack for sale early. Click on the link and enter the code 3PACK.

If you get tickets in a different section, I’ve been told that there are plenty of standing room in the visitors’ section.

Reminder: This is the only way to get tickets for our game through the CU Ticket Office. They are not going to put our game for sale individually. They will not let us set up a block even though they had previously told us we could.

Other options include online ticket brokers or finding someone who has CU season tickets to purchase them for you.


Ticket information 07/22/10:

In all my frustration yesterday, I forgot to post this here:

CU is no longer going to sell individual game tickets for our game. They are going to sell what they are calling a National Championship Pack (they decided they’d use our game to celebrate their 1990 NC). This pack includes our game, Hawaii, and Kansas St. It starts at $130 and increases from there. Tickets go on sale Aug 2nd at 8:30am MT through their website or by phone at 303-49-BUFFS (303-492-8337).

They will no longer let us set up a group window to get in a section reserved for us. I have found most UGA people are buying in 2, 3, 101, 102, 103, 104 and 105 if you want to try for those.

Many people have been saying that they have been able to get single game tickets through online ticket brokers as well.


Ticket Information 05/10:

CU opened up season tickets for the general public today.


Seating Chart: http://www.cubuffs.com//pdf1/111363.pdf?DB_OEM_ID=600

Visitors’ section is in sections 2, 3, 101, 102.


Ticket Information 02/09:

Okay Y’all, here’s what we know so far about tickets.

  1. CU is releasing 5,000 tickets directly to our athletic office. Those who are season ticket holders should be able to get them through your season ticket requests.
  2. This month the CU season ticket holders are beginning to renew their season tickets.
  3. They will be putting single game tickets on sale in August. At that time, we will be setting up a group code that can be used so that we get tickets together as a big group.

We should have some more information soon!




  1. I am interested in ticket information. I ordered through UGA, but that is not a sure thing. Many were closed out of the Arizona State game, so another option may be necessary. My wife and I will make the trip regardless of tickets.

  2. When CU puts their individual game tickets on sale in early Aug., does anyone know what section(s) most Dawg fans will be in??

  3. I live in Montana and we don’t have an alumni association chapter here … however I recently joined the Colorado chapter and will be making the trip in October to watch us play CU. I’d like to be able to tailgate with you guys when I’m down there as well as sit in the Georgia section. Can you guys help me get tixs and stuff? Thanks and GO DAWGS!

    • I’d love to have tickets to give you, but we did not get the hookup. All this work and I wasn’t even given tickets to the game! 😉

      Keep watching this site. Next week or the following week I will post a group code so that when tickets go on sale Aug 2 we can go through the group ticket window on the CU site and get tickets in the same area.

      Also, tailgate tickets are going to go on sale probably this week.

      If you subscribe to the blog, the information will go straight to your email as soon as it’s posted.

  4. Hey Dawg fans wanted to post a notice that I have two tickets for sale!! I was able to get 4 tickets from a UGA season ticket holder and my husband and I only need 2. They’re in the UGA section and they’re close to the field (Sec 103 Row 3) If anyone is interested please let me know!! Also, would anyone be interested in getting together transportation from Denver to Boulder on game day? I don’t really want to drive and worry about parking, so I was thinking about renting a van or small bus to bring us up for the tailgate party and then get us home after the game. This would get cheaper and cheaper the more dawg friends that get together, so let me know if anyone is interested and I’m happy to coordinate it!!

    • Cheri

      I will take the your two tickets … please call me or email me so we can make arrangements. My name is Matt and my email is matt_madsen3@hotmail.com or call me @406-529-1523 Can’t wait to hear from you 🙂

    • Staci not Cheri sorry about that 🙂

    • If for some reason the person above doesn’t take your tickets, I’ll gladly take them. Thanks! Chris – mcharper2@gmail.com 970-420-0930 Go DAWGS!!

    • Hi Staci, I would totally be interested in carpooling up to Boulder for the tailgate party and game! I would be by myself and live in Highlands Ranch. I still need to get a ticket to the game, too, but don’t really want to sit by myself or stand in the visitor’s section, though if that’s what I have to do I will! 🙂

      Does anyone else still need tickets and want to sit together??

  5. Hello. I live in Greenville,SC and my husband (UGA alum) and I are flying out to Colorado for the game but do not have tickets. I’m looking for two. If anyone has some to sell please contact me. Thanks so much! GO DAWGS!

  6. If anyone is cancelling out for whatever reason let me know. I live in Boulder and could use the tickets.


  7. Looking for 5 tickets to the game. We fly in to Denver Friday about 10:30. Then on to Boulder by about 1:00 PM. Let me know.
    Thanks and Go Dawgs,

    • I have 2 tickets left in the UGA season ticket holder section 103 row 8 to sell.

      Cell phone 678 758 2962

  8. Will b traveling to Boulder on game day Oct 2nd
    Would like to have ticket in hand.
    Need just one, but will buy 2 if that is what is available.

    Evans, GA

  9. The ticket office has added Iowa State to the 3 pack now that the Hawaii game is over. They will have a half-empty stadium for Iowa State and Kansas State.

  10. wondering why my previous post earlier today is now not showing??? trying to let all DAWG FANS know that the CU web site (cubuffs.com) is back to selling individual tickets to the Georgia game!!

    • That’s because your previous post was posted under another entry…it’s in the Q&A section.

  11. DDAWG needs 2

  12. Hey Colorado DAWG and anyone else the the DAWG NATION I have 6 tickets to the CU VS Georgia game but won’t get my hands on them until Wed.. I do know that there ALUMINI TICKETS just not sure about the location right now and wont know until Wed. nite when I pick them up I will be using 2 of them and I would like to get sale the other 4 I will be arriving in Colorado on Saturday morning so if your already in Colorado I can meet you close to the Stadium or downtown Pearl Street. if your in Atlanta I could meet you Thursday or Friday I know its last minute but I can’t get them unti Wed so please email me on that night and I can give you all the details

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