The Game

Date: October 2, 2010

Location: Folsom Stadium, Boulder, CO  


Time: 5:00pm MST

image by Alex Benison



  1. Plan on being there. Maybe a few old CHI PSI brothers from GA might join me. I am iin the need for tickets.

    • Hey Larry I will be there, Chi Psi Brother from Athens.

      • Look forward to seeing all of you. I took Friday off and hopefully we all can meet up at my house for lunch or dinner. I live about 30 miles from Boulder. We have been invited to a tailgate party by some alumni of the CU Chi Psi Lodge. Also, CU’s Lodge is very close to the stadium.

        See in you October

    • I have a ticket for sell (cu vs uga) for $ 80. If want it, please email me

  2. I am looking for UGA fans to hook up with. I am coming from Springfield, Mo. I can get people xtra tickets…Just let me know…

  3. Only 8 more months….my family has had this on the calendar for 3 years. We’ll bring a caravan from northern Colorado. Looking forward to it. Cheri, great job on coordinating this.

    • Thanks! I’m looking forward to hosting!

  4. Where and how can I get 3 tickets for the game? I live in Colorado but am a proud UGA grad class of ’74. GO DAWGS!!

    • As soon as I know, I’ll post something. No tickets have gone on sale yet.

      Believe me, this is something I’m keeping a close eye on as I don’t have tickets myself.

      • Cheri,
        Do you have an email list of interested parties that you’ll send a notification when they become available? I wouldn’t expect you to (quite a daunting task), but you’ve been amazingly dedicated to keeping UGA alum in the loop and wouldn’t put it past you. If you don’t have something like this started, but would like assistance I’d volunteer to help.

        Rob (Class of ’97, and wife Lesli Class of ’96)

      • Rob, thanks for the offer.

        I just put a link to subscribe to the blog on the first column. That way, if people want instant notification of information on tickets, they can subscribe and receive an email when something is posted on the blog. This will eliminate the need for a notification list.

  5. Leftover CU individual game tickets are set to go on sale August 3rd – either at or ticketmaster….

    • Ken,
      Glad you were able to get an exact date. When we called (a couple of times) they would just tell us August. They did say we can get a code, which we will pass on to everyone, that will allow us to get a big group together.

      Be on the lookout under the Tickets Update tab for any info as it becomes available.

      FYI- We tried to put down a deposit for a big group of the individual tickets, but they wouldn’t let us do that.

  6. Time is getting short and the big day is getting close! Is August 3rd still the earliest I could purchase tickets and, Cheri, are you still willing and able to let us know via this website when and how to purchase? I’ll be needing 3 tickets. Thanks!! GO DAWGS!

    • Check out the ticket updates page or the CU Three Pack post for the latest on this.

  7. I have 4 tickets for sale in the Club Level for the game. Section 551, Row 3, Seats 1-4.

  8. I have (2) tickets for sale for the game! I bought the tickets and then I got 2 free ones from work so I’m looking for another UGA fan who needs tickets. I am in Denver and can meet to deliver tickets on Friday or Saturday am – or in boulder prior to the game…

    Sec 108 Row 17 Seat 33 and Seat 34. I am looking for $200 obo for both tickets. Please email me if you are interested

    go Dawgs

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