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  1. What hotel will the UGA team be at?

    • From what I hear, they are staying outside of Boulder, probably in Westminster which is not a party place.

      • booked about 3 months ago at marriott in boulder. called to confirm reservations and was told we got in just in time. they locked all the other rooms up for the team.

      • That’s good that they’re in town. We were told by another hotel in Westminster that they had reservations there.

      • Who knows ……They usually post it on georgiadogs.com Way to early for them to post just yet

    • I really sincerely doubt they are staying at the Marriott although I could be wrong.. Westminister? Maybe but why not one of those hotels at enterlocken?

      • The Omni has been booked by a convention for over a year, so they aren’t staying at Interlocken.

        The hotel they’re supposedly staying at has a Westminster address, but is only about 15 minutes away from the stadium.

  2. Hi Cheri,

    I don’t know if you’ve heard any feedback on the ideas, but I know me and my group would be very interested in joining the tailgate. My wife and I are here in Golden but I should have 6-10 people coming in to attend the game and it would be great to tailgate with a big crew of Dawgs!

    The bus from Denver to Boulder and back is also a very intriguing idea…

    Thanks for setting up the blog.

    • Jason,
      Thanks for the feedback. I’ve been working hard on the tailgate all month. (Getting people to return calls is not always easy.) We’re planning on a large group tailgate, something that’s not easy to host in Boulder. I am excited about what’s unfolding so far. When we get things a little more solidified I’ll post information. Once our space is secured, everything else will fall into place.

      The buses are my next priority.

      Keep the feedback coming!

  3. Got a few places in Boulder to “fuel up” on that Friday night?

    • We’re working on something, but there is always Pearl Street to get a little fuel. We could always take it over.

      • If it is anything like the AZ ST game a couple of years ago in Tempe, we will take it over. 🙂 There were VERY few AZ ST fans out prior to game time…all red and black!!! GO DAWGS!!!!

  4. I just found this site via the Dawgbone. I am flying out to the game via charter with several friends. We are interested in partying with you Colorado Dawgs. I’ll start checking the site regularly for info. I’m ready for the season to start like the rest of you. Go Dawgs, class 76.

    • Helen,
      We look forward to having you out here. Just out of curiosity, from what part of the country are you coming?

      We should have our tailgate tickets going on sale by the end of this week (if the final piece falls into place like it’s supposed to). Be on the lookout for those!

      • We are coming from Atlanta. The charter has a pregame party at the hotel (Interlocken?) but I understand that is about 30 minutes from Boulder and we wont leave the hotel until around 3. I want to be in Boulder sooner than that so we are checking into cabbing over. Also, some of us dont have tickets (who cares?!). Did you mention that there is somewhere outside the stadium to watch on a big screen (or did I make that up?)

  5. @Helen Castronis-
    There is no where on campus that I know of that will have a big screen. We will have some tvs on our site, but regulations will not let us extend the party after kickoff. We are working on setting something up with a nearby location (about 1/2 mile) to show the game for those who don’t have tickets.

    • Thanks for letting me know that and I will keep checking back to see what other options are available. And maybe I misspoke… I am coming on the trip that is offered throught the athletic department and so it isnt actually a charter (we fly Air Tran with others) but there are several options (two and three nights) and all have been sold out since late spring. The agent said there were about 40 coming on my particular flight. we get there Thursday and leave Sunday.

  6. I bought my ticket to the tailgate party but forgot to print it out. Is there anyway to get a replacement?

    • Email me at president(at)coloradodawgs.com. I’m working on making my way through the list regarding tailgate tickets, but will send you another confirmation.

  7. Hi people – I wanted to be sure and let everyone know that CU-UGA TICKETS ARE AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE AGAIN RIGHT NOW at cubufs.com!! LET’S BUY THEM OUT! The only drawback is that they raised the prices to $75 or $100 each, depending on location….

  8. I didn’t care for the elevated ticket prices (The original $65.00 was high enough). What is the scalping policy at CU? I expect the ticket situation to loosen up near game time, especially if it is not a sellout. With our performance I expect cancellations (I know of one friend who cancelled he and his wife’s trip this weekend) to occur. I expect plenty of tickets to be available. What are your thoughts?

    • This will be the case. I live in Boulder and I had a small goup (5-6 Dawg fans) who were going but, all of a sudden, they’ve found other things to do. 🙂 There will be hundreds of tickets not used. I currently don’t have a ticket and I don’t expect to spend over $30 to get one…if that much.

      I kinda feel bad for the people who spent like $200 each for tickets. I could have told them that CU would start selling individual game tickets when they saw they were not going to sell out.

  9. I posted this in the tailgate page, but if anyone needs 1 ticket to the tailgate, email me at jlna723@gmail,com, and we will try to get the ticket moved into your name. I had one of our group cancel due to a family medical emergency.

  10. I have one ticket in section 102 Row 5 with 3 Georgia alumni. Asking $68.00 for the $65.00 ticket to help with cost of shipping ticket from Georgia alum. I can be reached at 303-591-6826 or emailed at gerisaye@yahoo.com

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