Rules and Regulations for the UGA at CU, Dawg Fan Tailgate

Rules and Regulations for the UGA at CU, Dawg Fan Tailgate 

  • Only those who prepay will be allowed entry.
  • You must bring your ticket, either in paper form or shown on your smart phone, and your ID to the gate. The ID must match the name on the ticket, or at least the name of someone in your group. This person must be present upon your entry. Anyone 16 or over must have an ID with them. NO ID, NO ENTRY.
  • All persons, including children of any age, MUST have a ticket for admission into the tailgate. Even though they are free, the tickets for tiny tots must also be printed and brought to the gate.
  • No coolers or outside food or drink is allowed to be brought into or out of the event. Security has the right to inspect anyone entering and exiting and any bags/backpacks/purses that are brought in.
  • There will be some chairs present. You are allowed to bring in your own chairs and blankets, but LoDo’s, or any others involved with the tailgate, cannot be responsible for them and they are not allowed inside the stadium.
  • Attendees are allowed to leave and re-enter the event at their leisure. However, they will need to show their ticket and ID upon re-entry.
  • Campus security and police will be present. We have been informed that they will be watching those who enter with an under 21 ticket closely.
  • No animals are allowed, except for guide dogs.
  • Those who appear overly intoxicated will no longer be served alcohol.
  • Security reserves the right to remove anyone from the tailgate if they become hostile or engage in any activities that may threaten the safety of themselves or of the other attendees.
  • No refunds will be granted unless the host has to cancel the event for unforeseen reasons.

 Parking is not included in the price of the ticket, nor would CU let us pre-pay for parking spaces. Please see more on parking here.


 Regulations and Information about Folsom Stadium can be found on their website.



OK, finally I have been able to put some stuff together about parking on the day of the big game!

Basically, there are some options. I recommend the parking downtown option as I am against giving CU any more money than we have to after they decided to pull the 3-Pack stunt. Here are the options: 1) On Campus Parking, 2) Park In Downtown Garages for free and take the bus for a small fee, or 3) Parking at other paid lots such as various hotels in Boulder.

Option 1-

From CU’s Website:   Public On Campus Parking

  • Parking on campus for all stadium events costs $20.
  • *Parking off campus at POD G (with free bus shuttle to the stadium) is available at a reduced price.
  • Parking lots open for football games four hours before kick-off. As you enter campus, attendants and police will direct you. (You must have $20 cash available as you enter.)
  • Campus parking is limited. Please arrive an hour before kickoff to ensure space availability.
  • Allow yourself extra travel time as traffic may be heavy.
  • When a football game ends, 45 minutes of heavy outgoing traffic takes precedence over gaining access to main campus.

 *POD G is apparently just off Colorado Ave and Discovery which is about one mile east of the stadium. I spoke to parking services and they are not certain about this lot due to construction. Keep checking their site as they will post updated information. Using my low tech map you can see where these on-campus spaces (except for POD G) are located: Parking Map.


From the City of Boulder’s Website:

Transportation options to and from the game include:

  • HOP Shuttle: Park free for Saturday games at downtown Boulder’s 15th and Pearl parking structure or at the Twenty Ninth Street retail district and take the HOP shuttle to the stadium. The HOP arrives at HOP stops throughout the city every 15 to 20 minutes starting at 9 a.m. on Saturdays. After the game, riders can catch the HOP at 16th and Euclid or on Folsom Street between Arapahoe and Canyon. As soon as Colorado Avenue in front of the stadium re-opens, the HOP will resume its normal route through campus. Click here for HOP pricing and schedule. Remember, these buses require exact change. 

Public Garage Parking

  • $1.25 PER HOUR
  • $2.50 PER HOUR – AFTER 4 HOURS
  • Saturdays, Sundays, and City Holidays* Free

◊ Five City of Boulder Garage Locations ◊

  • 11th & Walnut (Randolph Center)
  • 11th & Spruce
  • 15th & Pearl
  • 10th & Walnut (St Julien Hotel)
  • 14th & Walnut (RTD Bus Station)

Other public spaces are not free on Saturdays. For more information on this, please see this website.

Find the HOP Route Map here or on the map that I marked the stops nearest the tailgate field  HOP map.

  • RTD Boulder Buff Shuttle: Park free at RTD’s Table Mesa park-n-Ride and take the RTD Boulder Buff Shuttle to Folsom Field. Shuttles start departing one and a half hours before kick-off and operate every 10 to 20 minutes until kick-off. The shuttle returns to the Table Mesa park-n-Ride at the end of the game, with the last bus leaving 45 minutes after the game ends. The cost is $3.50 for a round-trip fare. Riders must have exact change.
  • RTD BuffRide: Park free at the following RTD park-n-Rides and take the RTD BuffRide to the game: Wadsworth/Hampton; Cold Spring; Nine Mile; Southmoor; Wagon Road; Westminster Center; Broomfield; U.S. 36 and McCaslin; I-25/Broadway; Longmont Terminal; or Roosevelt. These buses start departing about two and a half hours before kick-off and continue departing until approximately 75 minutes before kick-off. The BuffRide returns to the park-n-Rides at the end of the game, with the last bus leaving 45 minutes after the game ends. The cost is $6 – $8 for a round trip fare. (fare depends on park-n-Ride location). Riders must have exact change. Passes, tickets, transfers and tokens are NOT accepted for this special service. For detailed information about a specific route, call 303-299-6000.
  • CU Buffs Bicycle Corral: New this year, free, secured, valet bicycle parking will be provided at the northwest corner of the Gamow Tower at CU’s Duane Physics building.


Never Mind! They must have found out we posted it!– New Ticket Code

As of right now, 8/3 2:20pm MT, there is a code that will allow you to buy single game tickets on the corners.

The code is 1990.

Come Golf with Dawg Fans from Across the Country

The details for the golf outing, to be held on the morning of October 1, have been finalized. Click here to find details about this fun event.

Those flying in from out of state can rent clubs to avoid having to check them on the plane.

CU Three Pack Now on Sale

The three pack goes on sale officially on August 2 at 8:30am MT. Click here and then choose National Championship Pack.


CU put up their three pack for sale early. Click on the link and enter the code 3PACK.

If you get tickets in a different section, I’ve been told that there is plenty of standing room in the visitors’ section.

Reminder: This is the only way to get tickets for our game through the CU Ticket Office. They are not going to put our game for sale individually. They will not let us set up a block even though they had previously told us we could.

Other options include online ticket brokers or finding someone who has CU season tickets to purchase them for you.

Tailgate Tickets


Find more information and get your tailgate tickets by clicking on the button below! Purchase now before it sells out. Tailgate will start at noon.

Be sure to check out the site by clicking the link below. We’ve added some great door prizes, such as two round trip business-class tickets from Air Tran, and hope to be adding more!

Register for The UGA at CU Dawg Fan Tailgate Party in Boulder, CO  on Eventbrite                                                              

It’s going to be a great time!

FYI- CU campus has never seen a tailgate like this. I think we’re intimidating them. They have made us more than double the original number of security guards we had been planning.

You’re on Your Own for Buses

Hey all! Sorry to have to do this but after much researching and analyzing, we decided not to handle the buses. We were going to have the alumni house charter one or two, but that would require someone on each bus to keep track of y’all. As much as I enjoy helping everyone out, I am not willing to take that on. I’ll be in Boulder enjoying myself long before y’all get on the bus.

There are party buses  in Denver that you all could charter on your own.

There is also a BuffRide shuttle through RTD (Denver’s bus system), but it doesn’t give you much time to play in Boulder.  RTD also has regular buses that run between Denver and Boulder, with the last run back being around 1 am.

There is Boulder Super Shuttle to charter a shuttle.

I’ll keep working on ideas around shuttles for you all to charter on your own, but wanted to give you a heads up on this.

FYI– For your own good stay away from drinking and driving around Boulder. Not that I’m saying it’s okay to drink and drive anywhere, but usually a person is under the limit with one drink. Not in Boulder. Their police are notorious for giving out DUIs and DWAIs. (Many people could get a DWAI with one drink.)  Also, they are sticklers on the speed limit. They don’t know about the free 15 MPH that ATL drivers are used to getting.