Oh No They Didn’t!

So, the other team is starting to talk smack…

05/22/10: “Richt will figure out a way for UGA to underachieve again.” http://www.allbuffs.com/showthread.php/47108-UGA-game-CU-could-be-a-trap-game



  1. That was one of our posters sorry if you took offense but as I am sure you know you can’t control everything our members say or do. Anyway welcome to all of you when you get to CU, enjoy the game and if you have any boulder or Denver specific questions feel free to join the other Georgia fans who’ve stopped by our site:


    BTW: nice stunt with the ticket code.

    • No offense was taken. We can talk smack a lot better than that! I’m surprised I haven’t found more. That was my intention of starting this page- to get people psyched to go show CU up.

      Thanks for your invitation. Most CU fans have been very nice, except for the students- what’s up with your students having such a bad rep? Are there really riot gates in their sections?

      FYI- that “super secret” code was passed on to us by someone to whom it was originally sent and not once did it say that it was for something special. We did not hack or sneak anything. And who puts family members of people that they are honoring anywhere besides the suites?

      • Hey just saw your reply, the student rap is over blown they get drunk and stupid but who doesn’t? Coming from SEC country you’ll think it is pretty mild. I’ve had a couple of interesting chats with Dawg fans who really think Richt is a worse coach than Hawkins.

        As for our ticketing policy i can’t defend it, we can be a little bush league, not sure if they should be in the suites, but they should be in for free.

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