Want to check out Avery Brewing?

Avery Brewing would  like to extend the invitation for the Georgia alumni to come check them out Saturday before the game. Since Avery Brewing is easily accessible from the JUMP busline that folks could catch at the corner of 28th St (US 36) and Arapahoe about a block from the Millenium Harvest House, they would love to have any craft beer fans in the Georgia contingent to stop by and try some of their beers. They will be opening two hours earlier than normal, at 10am Boulder time with an “Avery-style breakfast beer”, Lilikoi Mahu (a belgian wit beer with orange peel and coriander, plus infused with passion fruit puree) available to start the day.

 You can learn more about Avery by checking out our website www.averybrewing.com and their Facebook page www.facebook.com/averybrewing .


Didn’t get into the tailgate?

First, if you are on the waiting list already, there may be a chance as many people are not responding when tickets are released to them.

Second, if you are not on the list, some have asked about alternatives. The Millennium Harvest House Boulder 1345 28th Street, Boulder (which was nice enough to be our back up if we could not have the on-campus tailgate) will be holding their normal Football Saturday gathering on their grounds. They are just up the path from the stadium (less than 1/2 mile). They also have paid parking on their site if you want to park there. Their gatherings are in their outdoor courtyard. They have a huge outdoor tv, and offer outside bar stations and food stations.

For those who want to avoid the bar scene of Pearl Street (where everyone will be on Friday night) the Millennium will be host to a band on Friday:

1st Annual Fall FAC
Location: Millennium Gardens
Enjoy the music of local favorite, Funkiphino, as we welcome the fans of the University of Georgia into the City of Boulder. The gardens will open at 5pm, and the music will start of 5:30pm.

Welcome to CO – Dawg Mingle

Welcome to Colorado – Dawg Mingle
Thursday, September 30.
Location: Mellow Mushroom- downtown Denver (The Colorado Dawgs’ game watching location of which the owner is an alum.)        
Time: It will start at 5:00pm MT and go until the party dies out or they kick us out.

Tori Pater, some might remember him from his Athens days, will be playing during happy hour and Munson’s Greatest Calls will be on the TVs following his show. This will be the first chance for those of you who purchased tailgate tickets to pick up your discount cards. Come mingle and enjoy the great company.

Rules and Regulations for the UGA at CU, Dawg Fan Tailgate

Rules and Regulations for the UGA at CU, Dawg Fan Tailgate 

  • Only those who prepay will be allowed entry.
  • You must bring your ticket, either in paper form or shown on your smart phone, and your ID to the gate. The ID must match the name on the ticket, or at least the name of someone in your group. This person must be present upon your entry. Anyone 16 or over must have an ID with them. NO ID, NO ENTRY.
  • All persons, including children of any age, MUST have a ticket for admission into the tailgate. Even though they are free, the tickets for tiny tots must also be printed and brought to the gate.
  • No coolers or outside food or drink is allowed to be brought into or out of the event. Security has the right to inspect anyone entering and exiting and any bags/backpacks/purses that are brought in.
  • There will be some chairs present. You are allowed to bring in your own chairs and blankets, but LoDo’s, or any others involved with the tailgate, cannot be responsible for them and they are not allowed inside the stadium.
  • Attendees are allowed to leave and re-enter the event at their leisure. However, they will need to show their ticket and ID upon re-entry.
  • Campus security and police will be present. We have been informed that they will be watching those who enter with an under 21 ticket closely.
  • No animals are allowed, except for guide dogs.
  • Those who appear overly intoxicated will no longer be served alcohol.
  • Security reserves the right to remove anyone from the tailgate if they become hostile or engage in any activities that may threaten the safety of themselves or of the other attendees.
  • No refunds will be granted unless the host has to cancel the event for unforeseen reasons.

 Parking is not included in the price of the ticket, nor would CU let us pre-pay for parking spaces. Please see more on parking here.


 Regulations and Information about Folsom Stadium can be found on their website.

Come Golf with Dawg Fans from Across the Country

The details for the golf outing, to be held on the morning of October 1, have been finalized. Click here to find details about this fun event.

Those flying in from out of state can rent clubs to avoid having to check them on the plane.

Tailgate Tickets


Find more information and get your tailgate tickets by clicking on the button below! Purchase now before it sells out. Tailgate will start at noon.

Be sure to check out the site by clicking the link below. We’ve added some great door prizes, such as two round trip business-class tickets from Air Tran, and hope to be adding more!

Register for The UGA at CU Dawg Fan Tailgate Party in Boulder, CO  on Eventbrite                                                              

It’s going to be a great time!

FYI- CU campus has never seen a tailgate like this. I think we’re intimidating them. They have made us more than double the original number of security guards we had been planning.

Events and Activities

We are working on planning events to compliment the game. As soon as these events are solidified, we will pass on all information.  Here are our tentative ideas:

  • The largest event we are planning is a tailgate. We are considering several options at this time.
  • We are also planning a Thursday night gathering at our Denver game watching location. The owner is looking forward to hosting us.
  • We are working on buses to transfer people from Denver to Boulder for game day and back.
  • There are other things being considered at this time including a concert in Boulder on Friday night and golfing on Friday.