Boulder, Denver, and Beyond

Here is a great write up about Boulder from National Geographic.

This site has some good information on Denver.  Sometimes it advertises deals for hotels.

Here are some links for short day trips outside of Denver. Remember, the weather can be unpredictable.



  1. Thanks for doing this. If all the Dawg fans go who say they are we could move the game to Mile High Stadium and fill it up. I think alot of fans who may not be able to get tickets are coming anyway.Does CU have any less than full season ticket packages ? Alot of our fans bought some type of discount season tickets from Arizona State when we played them in 2008.Thanks again and go Dawgs.

    • Bill,
      Most of the questions I’ve received are around tickets. I spoke with someone at the ticket office a few months ago. They are releasing all of the visitor’s tickets directly to our athletic department. They wouldn’t say about the tickets on their end. They don’t always sell out, so I’m sure that buying from CU will be an option. I don’t even have tickets yet, so I’m really keeping an eye on this. I’ll post more as soon as I hear it.

      For those that don’t get tickets, and I think that we’ll have more people than tickets, the Millenium always shows the game on a giant screen outside. It’s a fun place to watch. We’re considering our options for our own watching place.

  2. Thanks for setting this up. All the out of towners really apprciate it. GO DAWGS!!

  3. Looking forward to my first trip to Folsom Field and hanging out with Colorado Dawgs!

    GO Dawgs

  4. Here is a good thread on things to do in Boulder started on our board by one of your fans:

    Any of you are welcome to stop by and we are all looking forward to the game

  5. Does anybody know of good trasportation/bu options for the game from Denver?

    Please let me know…We have a crew of about six meeting up.


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