Want to check out Avery Brewing?

Avery Brewing would  like to extend the invitation for the Georgia alumni to come check them out Saturday before the game. Since Avery Brewing is easily accessible from the JUMP busline that folks could catch at the corner of 28th St (US 36) and Arapahoe about a block from the Millenium Harvest House, they would love to have any craft beer fans in the Georgia contingent to stop by and try some of their beers. They will be opening two hours earlier than normal, at 10am Boulder time with an “Avery-style breakfast beer”, Lilikoi Mahu (a belgian wit beer with orange peel and coriander, plus infused with passion fruit puree) available to start the day.

 You can learn more about Avery by checking out our website www.averybrewing.com and their Facebook page www.facebook.com/averybrewing .



  1. Avery Brewing is somewhat unfamiliar brewing for me. I will check your website to know about it until the game is launch on Saturday.

    • To start with the Avery brewery is way the hell out on Arapahoe and honestly the beer is not worth the trip especially on a game day saturday. The best place for beer is the Liquor Mart downtown on Canyon. The best microbrew in Boulder is the Mountain Sun on Pearl right of the mall.

  2. Cheri,
    We were too late to get into the tailgate. Is there somewhere where we can park and tailgate?

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