Important Information about Tailgate Tickets

Please do not contact the Alumni Association, LoDo’s, Eventbrite, or any of the Colorado Dawg Officers to ask for extra tailgate tickets. CU is giving us NO wiggle room on our 3,000 limit and if you are not already on the waitlist there is no chance of getting a ticket. I appreciate everyone’s stories, but there is nothing we can do.

Due to time constrictions, after today we will not be granting refunds.

We have a few more tickets to release to the waitlist. There are people not responding within their given time frame, so those will be passed down the list. Be sure to keep an eye on your email if you are on the waitlist as there is a three hour limit to snatch up released tickets.

I have yet to hear from several people who purchased multiple tickets under their name. (Example- Bob Smith purchased 4 tickets and just entered his name for all 4 tickets.  This does not include Jane who purchased 6 tickets and entered the name of 5 of her family/friends as well as her own name.) Those of you who have yet to change names on tickets, we are running out of time and you will have to enter a special line where they will check to see your name on a list, which will take extra time for you to get into the event.



  1. Hi Cheri,

    My apologies if this was stated already, but do we need to plan on bring chairs or anything to sit on for the tailgate? My impression was that there would be seating available since there would be food served, but I just wanted to confirm.


    • Jason,
      There will be some seating and some high tops to put plates on while you eat for those who don’t want to sit, or don’t get seats at the tables. We’re hoping that people will stagger their eating as 3,000 seats would have taken up too much of our area.


  2. how do i get on the waitlist for tailgate party

    • I’m sorry, but we are done with the waitlist.

      We do not have time to process anymore refunds, so there is no need to keep adding to the waitlist.

  3. Anybody who has 2 extra tix to tailagte party please let me know. I can meet you sat am to get them

  4. Also need two extra tailgate tix. Please get in touch if you have two extra.

  5. We are getting to the tailgate late tomorrow afternoon. Does anyone know how long it lasts? I don’t remember seeing that information anywhere.


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