One Georgia Boy’s Perspective on Colorado

Our Vice President, Seth, has put together a helpful perspective on visiting Colorado. Click on the link below to read it. You may have to give it a second as his write-up is full of great pictures.

Welcome to Colorado, DAWGS!



  1. Thanks, Seth!

    • Great work Seth, thanks! Just wanted to thank you, Cheri and the whole group for all your hard work to make this a great trip for everyone.

  2. That is awesome! Thanks Seth! We are excited about coming out! (Our won-lost record not withstanding.) We will bring full enthusiasm regardless!

    Go Dawgs! I don’t think this is shaping up to be the gimme that it once appeared to be.

    Ashland, VA

  3. THANK YOU Seth!!! We are so appreciative of all that you and the other Colorado Dawgs have done to keep us informed, arrange for the tailgate, let us know about rules and regulations, update us on ticket availability/sales, etc. You are WONDERFUL hosts. We are looking forward to meeting ya’ll at the Tailgate and/or other activities next week.


    Winder, GA

  4. You Colorado Dawgs are doing a wonderful job of keeping us informed and sending us information.Thanks so much and we’re looking forward to the trip.Go Dawgs!

  5. Thanks Seth! Great job with lots of good information. I echo the comments posted by the others and we’re looking forward to the trip. Thanks to all the Colorado Dawgs.


    Palm Harbor, FL

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