Rules and Regulations for the UGA at CU, Dawg Fan Tailgate

Rules and Regulations for the UGA at CU, Dawg Fan Tailgate 

  • Only those who prepay will be allowed entry.
  • You must bring your ticket, either in paper form or shown on your smart phone, and your ID to the gate. The ID must match the name on the ticket, or at least the name of someone in your group. This person must be present upon your entry. Anyone 16 or over must have an ID with them. NO ID, NO ENTRY.
  • All persons, including children of any age, MUST have a ticket for admission into the tailgate. Even though they are free, the tickets for tiny tots must also be printed and brought to the gate.
  • No coolers or outside food or drink is allowed to be brought into or out of the event. Security has the right to inspect anyone entering and exiting and any bags/backpacks/purses that are brought in.
  • There will be some chairs present. You are allowed to bring in your own chairs and blankets, but LoDo’s, or any others involved with the tailgate, cannot be responsible for them and they are not allowed inside the stadium.
  • Attendees are allowed to leave and re-enter the event at their leisure. However, they will need to show their ticket and ID upon re-entry.
  • Campus security and police will be present. We have been informed that they will be watching those who enter with an under 21 ticket closely.
  • No animals are allowed, except for guide dogs.
  • Those who appear overly intoxicated will no longer be served alcohol.
  • Security reserves the right to remove anyone from the tailgate if they become hostile or engage in any activities that may threaten the safety of themselves or of the other attendees.
  • No refunds will be granted unless the host has to cancel the event for unforeseen reasons.

 Parking is not included in the price of the ticket, nor would CU let us pre-pay for parking spaces. Please see more on parking here.


 Regulations and Information about Folsom Stadium can be found on their website.