Never Mind! They must have found out we posted it!– New Ticket Code

As of right now, 8/3 2:20pm MT, there is a code that will allow you to buy single game tickets on the corners.

The code is 1990.



  1. Not accepting 1990.

  2. I can’t get this code to work…

  3. Thanks for the info, but unfortunately, I am getting a message that “This promotion is no longer available.”

    • I tried it right before I posted and got it to work…

      Must have just pulled it, sorry.

      • Thanks for your efforts, Cheri!

      • By the way, just FYI – Colorado has announced that UGA will be back in Boulder for a basketball game in 2011. 🙂

    • So, there’s someone subscribed to this blog with an address that sounds very CUish…buffalochip… I wonder if that’s the leak!

      • Why would they pull the promotion, though? Trying to keeping UGA fans from purchasing individual tickets?

      • They know who are buying the tickets.

        That is supposed to be the game that honors the 1990 national co-champions. How would it look to have so many Georgia fans in the stands?

      • Not as bad as 20,000 empty seats vs. Kansas State and Hawaii will look!

  4. Ok- We’ve got to do a red out! CU hates red because of Nebraska. Let’s fill their stadium with red.

  5. Cheri,

    Do you know if Colorado treats other schools’ fans the way that Georgia fans have been treated in regards to tickets. It’s almost as if they’d rather not sell the seats at all rather than let a Georgia fan buy one.

  6. Looks like they took down the Boulder Bolder promo as well (; use promo code: BOLDER). that promo offered 4 packs of season tickets @ $495 per pack. Guess they know the Dawgs are coming anyway! CU Season ticket holders can purchase up to 8 single-game tickets to the UGA game, but they are $50-120/ticket. Post up if you want any ordered as several of the CO Dawgs bought season tickets…

    • ID love to get a few tickets if anyone has 2 up for grabs!

    • this is a great blog…i am a DAWG as well and traveling from Georgia to attend the game. If anyone has 3 tickets I am in dire need – already have my plane ticket too. (I have season tickets in Athens if anyone wants to swap out a game-only 2 seats but worth a shot) Thanks

  7. Allow me to summarize the actions/deceit of the Colorado ticket office::

    – They told our Colorado alums that we could buy block seating but later said no.
    – They put nothing on their website or voice message about the Georgia game only being offered in a 3 game pack until the day they went on sale. Up to that point, they simply said single game tickets for home games would go on sale that day.
    – They made the 3 game pack available on their website a week early if you knew the code (“3PACK”)…but didn’t make this public.
    – They had a code (“1990”) to buy a single game ticket to the Georgia game that was not made public. When it was discovered that Georgia fans were taking advantage of it, it was taken down.

    No wonder they’re joining the Pac-10, where none of the fanbases travel.

  8. The CU ticket office just sent out an email saying that they will not be honoring any orders placed with the “1990” code and that if you already have the tickets, they are now invalid.

    These people are unbelievable. What a sorry program. Can’t even come close to filling a tiny stadium on their own.

    I was going to cheer for their 1990 team when honored but now I’m going to boo. 5th down, 1 loss, 1 tie, phantom clip, etc. There shouldn’t have been a champ that year (actually, it should have been Notre Dame if the phantom clip wasn’t called).

  9. If anyone purchased tickets from a third party, such as an individual or ticket broker, for sections 203 or 204, your tickets are probably void now. CU has voided these tickets due to them being purchased with the promo code “1990”. I guess CU had particuliar people in mind to sit in this section and instead of contacting these people through mail or email and instructing them to call the ticket office to get their tickets, they sent out the promo code 1990, which obviously was discovered by us DAWGS fans. So, if you have tickets in these sections, contact whoever you bought them from to get your money back.

  10. I purchased two tix from someone that had bought the 3pack. He actually has the tickets physically in hand and he received a call today from CU saying that his tickets were VOIDED because they were purchased with the 1990 code!!!

    Luckily, he was an honest, upstanding guy (clearly a UGA fan) and let me know. Now, one of the big problems is how many VOIDED tix are going to floating around out there??? I’m one of those guys that will root for the hometown team, as long as they’re not playing UGA… but from now on, GO RAMS!!!

    I imagine there will be a lot of pissed off fans with voided tix standing at the gate because of CU’s ongoing stupidity and mismanagement of this game.

    • Why would any of the 3PACK tickets be voided?

      • Just the 3packs with the “1990” code.

      • You could buy 3 packs with the 1990 code? Are you sure?

      • None of the 3 packs are affected by this. There was no 1990 promo code for the 3 pack. The 1990 promo code was evidentally for family of the 1990 team and was for sections 203-204. This was totally separate from the 3 pack. CU was just too stupid to handle this properly. They REALLY don’t want UGA fans in that stadium!

    • Hey, just to comment further on your post and make sure everyone understands, if you purchased the National Championship 3 pack, your tickets are still good. If you purchased tickets using promo code 1990, which is for sections 203 and 204, your tickets are void. Just wanted to make sure that people didn’t think that the 3 pack tickets were now void. GO DAWGS!!!!!

      • Are you certain that the 1990 code was only for 203 and 204?

      • I’m not positive 1990 was only for sections 203 & 204. There may have been other sections under that same promo.

  11. Not to go running to “daddy” or anyting… but is it worth contacting UGA’s athletic dept about this bullshit?

    At this point I really am tempted to spend the 290+ bucks on the 3pack and burn the Hawaii and K State tickets… just to ensure there’s an empty seat in that stadium.

    Go DAWGS! and again, from now on…. GO RAMS!

    • I’m incredibly frustrated. And I wouldnt mind someone contacting the UGA athletic department. This makes me worry about scalping! Do you think that they will (at the last minute) offer up single game tickets??

    • Our ticket office has already gotten and allocated the 5,000 (I think) tickets they were provided. Unfortunately, I don’t see how they would be involved beyond that. And as I mentioned below, I’m considering going through a ticket broker, regardless of cost. I would much rather they profit than CU, based on the way we have been treated.

      One thing is for sure, I’ll never complain about our ticket office again.

  12. Folks, per the message from Jim Brown above, those who bought CU season tickets can purchase up to 8 singles for our game. If there are UGA fans who bought season tickets, maybe we can work through them to get individual tickets, and pay a little above cost to them to offset what they paid for season tickets? It would still be cheaper than buying the 3 Pack. And to be honest, the way this whole thing has been handled, I’d rather buy a ticket for more than $130 from a third party than to hand that money over to CU right now. The way they have handled this thing has been incredibly unprofessional. What they don’t understand is that thousands and thousands of UGA fans are coming, and we WILL get tickets one way or another. Not sure why they are making it so damn difficult.

    • That’s what’s so bizarre about all of this. They’re doing their best to keep us out but if we don’t buy the tickets, NO ONE WILL. I guess they’d rather have empty seats and less money.

      But you’re right, there are a lot of us coming and we’ll take over the town and stadium.

  13. I hear a lot of whining and complaining about the CU ticket office, but for CU fans it has not been any easier to get tickets to the GA game. I just bought a 3-pack with the cheapest K-State and Hawaii tickets that I could find, and got some nice 30 yard line seats for our game. I have a buddy that went to CU who said that he usually just cherry picks tickets to the 2-3 games a year that he wants to go to, but can’t this year. Bummer for him.

  14. I have to agree with the majority of comments here about the mis-management of ticket sales by CU. I am a die hard UGA fan and have been for over 30 years and have never seen such incompetence by a major university, unless you count Florida.

    I side with painting the stadium Georgia Red and “Debuffing” Colorado.

    Oh by the way, if anyone needs tickets to the Kansas State or Hawaii game, I have some, as well. (Thanks alot Buffs!)

  15. Wow, check this out:

    And what an incredibly misleading title. “Hacked”? Seriously?

    The CU ticket office is an absolute joke.

    • Is this how we’re playing. I suggest that we all contact espn and CBS sports immediately. 123 tickets???? Let it go, right???

      I’ll be emailing first thing tomorrow.

      • I agree. They voided 123 tickets because they knew they were Georgia fans. I am from Georgia but live in Colorado now and I can tell you that college football is not big here. CU would not sell out this game on their fans alone. Since CU had these “1990” tickets reserved for specific people, the family of the football players from the 1990 team, they should have contacted them through the mail and/or email and told them to contact the ticket office if they wanted to attend the game. Everyone knows that a promo code that is used on the internet never stays secret. Especially one that easy to figure out. Now, that is what CU is instructing the family members to do. Call the ticket office to get your tickets, which is what should have happened from the beginning. CU should have realilzed that it is nobody’s fault but their own that this happened. That stadium is not sold out for this game. CU should have honored the 123 tickets that were sold. There is room for everyone seeing that they are making it so hard to get tickets for this game. Now, they have created a situation where someone, probably from Georgia, purchased one of these tickets from a third party and they have no idea that the ticket is now void. Imagine traveling with your family from Georgia with the tickets in hand only to find out at the gate at game time that it is no good. Nice job CU. Way to go to any and every expense to keep UGA fans away. All for 123 tickets in a stadium that holds 53,750 people. GO DAWGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. ID encourage everyone to do the same.

  17. I have my hands on 4 additional LEGITIMATE tickets… I believe South End Zone. Contact me if interested. Naturally my buddy that gave them to me wants to make a little… sorry about that, he is a Buff. I’m not going set a price for them if the first few offers are good/fair going rate… they’ll probably be yours.

    I don’t want to get slammed with ongoing requests weeks from now so please just respond to this with your email and I’ll contact you.

    GO DAWGS!!!

  18. I’m getting tickets via someone who had enough points to get them through UGA and I’m praying to God that I’m not in section 101. Those aren’t even in the stadium!

    • Whoa, those are like that one section at Tech before they redesigned

    • I saw that too. Maybe we’ll blow them out and everyone can sit wherever they want after halftime.

  19. the Colorado ticket office sucks!

    • I’ll second that. WeI moved out here several years ago and have dealt with them just so that we could see some college football. Everyone there seems very clueless.

  20. Go Dawgs! Sic Em! Woof woof woof woof!

  21. Has anyone tried buying 1 CU season ticket, then purchasing multiple tickets for the UGA/CU game once they get the season ticket status? I’m debating this strategy, but want to find out if CU ticket office is catching on and restricting where you can buy the UGA/CU game tickets.

    The per seat prices on Stub Hub and other sites is still >$125/ticket without the additional fees.


    • If you purchase the season ticket and can get 3 additional tickets, I’d gladly pay a price over face value. Please let me konw…… thx

  22. My wife and I have 4 tickets for sale. Section 122 Row 35 Seats 9 – 12. Ticket Face Value $65 each. Inquires email

    • Hi Dave, I’m interested, are they still available? Are you willing to split them up? Thanks, Cindy

      • I forgot my e-mail address. It is I might have 1 – 3 extra tickets to sell if anyone is interested!

      • Cindy, I am in need of 3 tickets..

    • Hello Dave, I’m also interested in the tickets if they’re still available. please contact me at



    • Are these tickets still available? I’m looking for two tickets???

  23. Does anyone happen to have one extra ticket for sale? My best buddy decided recently that he is gonna fly out and go to the game with my wife and I, but we only have our two tickets. Any help would be greatly appreciated! GO DAWGS!!!

    • I have 1 ticket for sale. Let me know if you still need one.

  24. Looking for two tickets, PLEASE.

  25. This is such a disappointment. CU is playing dirty and it’s just sad. I am a UGA alum, have several friends from GA who live near me in CO and one flying from the south to attend the game but we don’t have tickets. Any help would be appreciated in steering me in the right direction. I can’t afford the tailgate plus tickets….PLEASE help out!!! Go Dawgs, Beat the hell out of the Buffs!

  26. What happens to the 3-Pack after the Hawaii game this weekend? Do they add another team later in the year or is it open season?

    • Last I heard, then it becomes a two pack.

      • Those jerks added Iowa State to form a even crappier 3-Pack

  27. Need 1 ticket. Will b flying alone on day of game from Augusta.

    Any possibilities???

  28. I have an extra ticket in UGA section 122 row 35 if someone needs it.
    cell is 706-799-8713

  29. Looking for 2 tickets to the game. Will be at the tail-gate party… Go Dawgs…

    • i have 4 tickets I will sell , but won’t be out to Boulder until around 1 pm on Saturday could meet downtown on Pearl street tickets are in the Ga. Alumni section and will sell for 125.00

    • Georgia and Colarado DAWG FANS I have 6 tickets for the upcoming game this weekend for the Georgia vs Colarado football game in Boulder Colarado I will be going to the game and using 2 of the tickets and would like to sell the other 4 tickets these tickets are in the GA section 2 row 18 asking price for each ticke…t $125.00. Please let me know if anyone is interested

      I can meet downtown on Pearl Street Saturday afternoon.

  30. Georgia and Colarado DAWG FANS I have 6 tickets for the upcoming game this weekend for the Georgia vs Colarado football game in Boulder Colarado I will be going to the game and using 2 of the tickets and would like to sell the other 4 tickets these tickets are Alumni Tickets and in the GA section 2 row 18 asking price for each ticke…t $125.00. Please let me know if anyone is interested I will be in Boulder on Saturday around 1 pm could meet downtown Pearl Street

  31. To the people looking for tickets I don’t think you are going to have any problems at all with finding tickets on game day in the $20-$40 range.

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