CU Three Pack Now on Sale

The three pack goes on sale officially on August 2 at 8:30am MT. Click here and then choose National Championship Pack.


CU put up their three pack for sale early. Click on the link and enter the code 3PACK.

If you get tickets in a different section, I’ve been told that there is plenty of standing room in the visitors’ section.

Reminder: This is the only way to get tickets for our game through the CU Ticket Office. They are not going to put our game for sale individually. They will not let us set up a block even though they had previously told us we could.

Other options include online ticket brokers or finding someone who has CU season tickets to purchase them for you.



  1. The link is may not be visible until you click on the title “CU Three Pack Now on Sale.”

  2. Cheri,
    Thanks for the update. I’m not sure I’m interested in this package. Were we still going to try and go the single-game block of tickets route next week?

    • CU will no longer allow us to get the block of seats. They decided to go with the three pack and screw us over by not letting us buy single game tickets.

      • Will single game tickets be available next week, or is the only way to get the tickets through Colorado is to buy the three pack?

        Also, there always Stubhub.

      • It’s the only way to get tickets through the CU office for our game unless you know someone who has season tickets and they can buy individual games.

        Also, many people are using online brokers.

  3. It sounds as though Colorado has been taking lessons from Georgia Tech.

    • As if we needed any more reason to pound them…. 🙂

  4. I was hoping that after the Hawaii game that they would at least sell a 2-pack. They have now added Iowa State to the the 3-pack. They obviously don’t care that there stadium will be half-empty for Iowa State and Kansas State.

    • What a very unintelligent thing to do. No wonder they are hurting for money…

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