Tailgate Tickets


Find more information and get your tailgate tickets by clicking on the button below! Purchase now before it sells out. Tailgate will start at noon.

Be sure to check out the site by clicking the link below. We’ve added some great door prizes, such as two round trip business-class tickets from Air Tran, and hope to be adding more!

Register for The UGA at CU Dawg Fan Tailgate Party in Boulder, CO  on Eventbrite                                                              

It’s going to be a great time!

FYI- CU campus has never seen a tailgate like this. I think we’re intimidating them. They have made us more than double the original number of security guards we had been planning.



  1. Hi, Cheri.

    Sounds like a great event. Thanks for all the work you’ve put in on this.

    I have a question regarding the only thing that matters . . . beer. I am on two extremes with this question. I love “good beer” (microbrews etc). OTOH, one guy that is coming with us will only drink crap (i.e., Bud Light).

    What kinds of beer will be available? And will there be plenty of it?

    Again, thanks for your efforts!


    • Hey, Jeff.
      We’re actually working on making it better. We’re trying to secure some special guests and once we break a certain threshold of ticket sales, we’ll have more money to make it even better.

      To answer your question, I warned LoDo’s that the beer would be the main draw to this tailgate. We’ve been talking with Left Hand Brewery about sponsorship. New Belgium doesn’t want to sponsor, but offered us a deal. It all has to be worked out through LoDo’s suppliers. (It has to do with all those pesky regulations that CU threw at us.) Being here in CO, the main supplier is Coors (Isn’t that Miller-Coors now?). Anyway, that means there will be Coors beers there as well.

      Will there be plenty? They’re bringing in truckloads of kegs for us.

      Still working on making this even better!

      • Cheri,

        You might try the Terrapin angle with Left Hand. Terrapin does a lot of joint work with Left Hand, so perhaps if you tried to talk to Terrapin and Left Hand, there might be something there given the Athens-Colorado connection.

        Just a thought.

      • Hi, Cheri.

        I loooove me some left hook. Are yall going to have some musical entertainment?

        Leftover Salmon would be nice . . . j/k


      • Cheri,

        Please ensure that there is a choice of Coor’s (like Brown Hound and Light.) I know a lot of people like Coors Light, but let’s be honest, it’s hardly beer.

      • Gen. Stoopnagle-
        As of now, our beers will be Coors Banquet, Coors Light, Blue Moon, and Fat Tire. We may be able to add more as we sell more tickets.

  2. I’m receiving many questions about parking. Parking is available on CU campus across the street from our field, but it costs $20 and will probably go very quickly. There is also parking down the path at Millennium Harvest House that costs $20. Parking is free downtown on game day and there are many buses that run through the town to the stadium. (Our field is only 1/4 mile from the stadium.) I have a feeling all of these will fill up quickly. We will have more information about parking/shuttles/buses before that weekend.

    • Cheri,

      I may have a contact at Sweetwater Brewery if you are still looking for a micro-beer sponsor.


  3. Bringing a crowd! There’s two or three of them that won’t be drinking (driving/don’t like beer), however. Can i buy them an “under 21” ticket or is there a designated driver option? Thanks!

    • Sorry, we decided against such a ticket as it’s too hard to monitor. Unless they show an ID with birthdate (unless they look under 16) they cannot get in on an under 21 ticket.

      • It seems silly that you couldn’t just put a wristband on people who buy a drinking ticket, but i don’t think the price will upset them to point of not wanting to go. i hope not any way, i don’t want everyone else to miss out on the fun.

  4. Cheri,

    Would it help with sponsorship of the tailgate if we hooked up the biggest beer distributor in Georgia with your beer distributor in Colorado.

    Thanks for all you are doing to make this game special. There are a ton of us coming from Georgia. Most are looking for tickets. Thanks for planning and communicating so we can all hook up.

    Once a dawg, always a dawg, how sweet it is!

    Jeff B

  5. Cheri,

    Will there be TV’s at this tailgate?

    • Greg, LoDo’s GM, has said he’ll get a couple of TVs set up for us.

  6. Room booked, plane tickets purchased, and tailgate tix in hand…………WHAT’S THAT COMIN DOWN THE TRACK!!!!!!!!

    • Boulder is not going to know what hit them!

      • It’ll be like Tempe in 2008.

  7. Are there any post-game plans yet? Maybe we can all get together and watch Alabama beat up on Florida.

    • Yes. There are options for us. I will give the details when they are finalized, but they know to put on the Bama-Florida game for us if they want to draw us to their place.

  8. We-ah do we git dem COLODAWG T-shirts? We need the ‘family divided’ type. Owah kids went to CU wen we lived theah (fo 35 yeahs) but now back he-ah in coastal GA, we havn’t yet started the family trash talk!

  9. Hi Cheri,

    I just read that the game has been moved back 2.5 hours to start at 5pm MST. Will this impact the starting time for the tailgate party?


    • Sorry for the delay, I was on vacation. The tailgate will now start at noon…CU regulations. for any more changes or additions, be sure to check out its site: http://ugaatcu.eventbrite.com.

  10. What is the minimum number of tickets we have to sell and where are we at in relevance to it

    • We need 1500. We’re at 1250, looks like we’ll make it.

  11. I know that there will be beer, but I have several people coming with me that like liquor. Can we bring liquor and additional beer in case there is not what some people like? Thanks for getting this together!

    • Sorry, due to regulations we cannot let people bring in any type of beverages.
      You think North Campus tailgaiting has a lot of regs this year, you should see what we have to follow on CU campus.

      • Okay, Thanks for the quick response Cheri.

      • Oh, forgot to add, regulations say we can’t serve liquor either.

        At one point, we thought they were going to tell us 3.2 beer only. Thankfully they did not, that would have been the end of our tailgate.

      • When has a silly regulation stopped a Dawg fan from drinking liquor. What they don’t know doesn’t hurt them – just saying.

      • That is why we will have soda available.

  12. That’s funny right there . . .

  13. I noticed when finalizing the purchase of the tailgate tickets, names of the attendees are required. I realize this is probably used as a security measure, however a few in my group won’t be certain (due to Med school weekend rotations) until the week prior to the game. Is there anyway around this potential problem? I’d like to buy several (preferably before the Labor Day price increase). Would it be possible to put down one person’s name and actually have another person use it?

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

    • Drew-
      You can purchase all under one name, but at entry the entire group will have to be together. Another way around this would be to email me when you find out who will be using them and I can change the names on the tickets at that time.

  14. Cheri, I just wanted to thank you guys for putting this all together. I’m sure it wasn’t easy.

    You’re a “Damn Good Dawg”.


  15. Just curious, how many tickets have been sold for the event already

    • We are just over 2500. We will be sold out at 3000, and the price increases tomorrow.

  16. What is the number like…I have a friend that still wants to buy if he can make sure he gets off of work

    • We are sitting at 287 left right now.

      • looks like we’ll be seeing AJ’s first game of the season. Ain’t that great?

  17. How do we obtain the discount cared that has been talked about. I havent seen anything in the email about it

    • I am waiting to wrap one more thing up for the email.

      There will be pick up stations here in Colorado. The first chance will be at our Thursday night event at the Mellow Mushroom-downtown Denver. Then I will take them up to Boulder and pass them out Friday morning at West End Tavern. They will probably stay there after that and people can come in and pick them up.

      You will need to bring in the tailgate ticket and ID (match your face to the ticket) to pick them up.

      • Sweet, Mellow Mushroom thursday sounds awesome. What is planned for that

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