You’re on Your Own for Buses

Hey all! Sorry to have to do this but after much researching and analyzing, we decided not to handle the buses. We were going to have the alumni house charter one or two, but that would require someone on each bus to keep track of y’all. As much as I enjoy helping everyone out, I am not willing to take that on. I’ll be in Boulder enjoying myself long before y’all get on the bus.

There are party buses  in Denver that you all could charter on your own.

There is also a BuffRide shuttle through RTD (Denver’s bus system), but it doesn’t give you much time to play in Boulder.  RTD also has regular buses that run between Denver and Boulder, with the last run back being around 1 am.

There is Boulder Super Shuttle to charter a shuttle.

I’ll keep working on ideas around shuttles for you all to charter on your own, but wanted to give you a heads up on this.

FYI– For your own good stay away from drinking and driving around Boulder. Not that I’m saying it’s okay to drink and drive anywhere, but usually a person is under the limit with one drink. Not in Boulder. Their police are notorious for giving out DUIs and DWAIs. (Many people could get a DWAI with one drink.)  Also, they are sticklers on the speed limit. They don’t know about the free 15 MPH that ATL drivers are used to getting.


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  1. Also there are cameras at certain intersections. Don’t speed in Boulder.

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