CU Season Tickets Now on Sale

Ticket information 07/22/10:

In all my frustration yesterday, I forgot to post this here:

CU is no longer going to sell individual game tickets for our game. They are going to sell what they are calling a National Championship Pack (they decided they’d use our game to celebrate their 1990 NC). This pack includes our game, Hawaii, and Kansas St. It starts at $130 and increases from there. Tickets go on sale Aug 2nd at 8:30am MT through their website or by phone at 303-49-BUFFS (303-492-8337).

They will no longer let us set up a group window to get in a section reserved for us. I have found most UGA people are buying in 2, 3, 101, 102, 103, 104 and 105 if you want to try for those.

Many people have been saying that they have been able to get single game tickets through online ticket brokers as well.


CU opened up season tickets for the general public today.



  1. The UGA Hartman Fund has released contribution cutoff levels for 2010 away games.

    Looks like all Hartman Fund contributors, regardless of the contribution level, will be eligible to purchase two UGA/Colorado tickets.

    A contribution of $1300 will make you eligible to purchase four tickets.

    Based on demand for the Arizona State game two years ago, I am surprised. I jumped the gun and purchased two tickets via Stubhub and now will have six tickets when I will need only four!

    • Georgia released the cutoff for season tickets, which is $1550, but there has been no news about single game cutoffs, including Colorado. Those announcements generally occur sometime in late July or August.

    • Hi Will,

      If you have any interest in offloading your two extras to a couple of local UGA fans that don’t have tickets, please contact me.


  2. Does anyone know what section(s) the visiting fans occupy at Folsom?

    • If you look at the Folsom Field Seating chart,
      you will see that the visitors’ sections are part of 2, 3, 101 and 102.

      • I also spoke (by email) with one of the officers of Nebraska’s chapter here in Denver. He said that there is usually plenty of room to walk around in and stand in the visitors’ section if anyone buys their tickets in other sections and the CU students become too obnoxious. (Of course there is a real hate-hate relationship between Nebraska and CU so we may not feel that they are that annoying.)

  3. Anybody else heard that we will have to buy a three game package to get tickets from CU?

    • It’s true. Did you see my update under “ticket updates?”

      The manager did not seem to care when I told him that this was poor relations and that they were going back on their word of letting us set up a group section.

      • When I click on ticket updates I come here. I can’t find that post.

        Anyway, sounds like we need to head for stubhub, right?

    • I don’t know why it does that, Jeff. If you click on the page tab up at the top, above the “pic” it takes you to what I was talking about. I’ll try to put it on both.

      Yes, many are doing stubhub, but there are also other online brokers if you’re willing to look around.

      • Hi, Cheri.

        Just bought tickets on Vivid Seats. Tired of thinking about it. Sec 2,row 22, $118 each for four. Didn’t want to be looking at backsides on row 4.

        Hope I get to buy you a free beer on 10/2!

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