Events and Activities

We are working on planning events to compliment the game. As soon as these events are solidified, we will pass on all information.  Here are our tentative ideas:

  • The largest event we are planning is a tailgate. We are considering several options at this time.
  • We are also planning a Thursday night gathering at our Denver game watching location. The owner is looking forward to hosting us.
  • We are working on buses to transfer people from Denver to Boulder for game day and back.
  • There are other things being considered at this time including a concert in Boulder on Friday night and golfing on Friday.


  1. Man I think a golf on Friday would be great.

  2. Keep me posted, this could be a lot of fun.

    • I’m flying into Denver on Thursday morning and staying in Boulder for the weekend, so all of that sounds awesome. A nice watering hole Thursday, concert Friday, and game on Saturday would make for a great weekend!

      • Phil-
        Looks like our concert Friday isn’t panning out, but we will be taking over Pearl Street that night. Thursday we will be having a get together for those who are already here. It will be at our game watching location in Denver. If you already have a place in Boulder, it is only a half hour drive from Denver to Boulder.

        Looking forward to having you out here!

  3. What about the golf?? That sounds fun…..

    • The golf is pretty much all planned. We need to get the sign up worked out with the course, but there will be golf on Friday. More information soon.

  4. I was considering organizing a short hike up into the Flatirons and happy hour afterwards on that friday afternoon before the game. Good exercise and great views when you get up there! If anyone is interested please let me know. All you need is good shoes and your camera for a couple of hours of fun! If anyone is interested let me know

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