Hotels Near Campus

Update 06/03/10:

-Most of these places are sold out or are very near capacity. Some you can find have a room or two if you play with the length of stay in your request (usually three days).

-If you have any questions about places you discover that are further out, feel free to contact me and I’ll do my best to answer them.


A couple of weeks ago I drove up to Boulder to check these places out. Here are my recommendations:

The following accommodations are within a reasonable walking distance of campus:



  1. Any word on the Boulder Holiday Inn Express, 4777 NORTH BROADWAY?

    Got a reservation there. We were looking for something closer to the bars and had a friend suggest this one.


    • I visited this hotel. It is nice and well maintained, everything you would expect from a Holiday Inn.

      However, it is a little far away from things (unless you want to hang out at the Gentlemen’s Club just up the street) and at the edge of residential area. It is almost 5 miles away from stadium, a little over 3 miles from the Pearl Street Mall, and 3.5 miles from the Hill.

      From what I hear, it is pretty easy to get cabs around town, so I don’t think it really would be that much of a hassle to stay there.

  2. What about Homewood Suites in Boulder?

    • This is a nice, extended-stay hotel. It’s a Hilton, so what else would you expect? It is hard to find. It’s behind The Meadows shopping center and the sign directing you around to the back is only three feet tall.

    • Not a bad place….a little pricy though and about 2- 2 and a half miles from Folsom.

      In any case I’m guess this late you are not going to find any rooms in Boulder.

  3. Neither I nor any of my officers live in Boulder, so I cannot give you an opinion off the top of my head. However, I will drive up there this weekend and check these places out for you.

    If anyone else has any more questions regarding hotels/inns let me know and I’ll check those out as well.

  4. The Hotel Boulderado near Pearl St. is nice as well. I am a CU grad but a Dawg fan. I haven’t been back to Boulder since 1997 but the bar areas are on Pearl St. which is a 4 block pedestrian mall and also The Hill. There are not really any lodging options near The Hill from what I can remember.

    I am staying at the Courtyard Boulder on Pearl East Circle. Don’t know much about it though other than it was only $99/ night and you can cancel up to the night before without penalty.

  5. I was able to drive up to Boulder today to check out the places you asked about. As Munson’s Call mentioned, the bars are on Pearl Street and at the Hill. If you want to stay around near Pearl Street you’re going to pay a pretty penny. The hotels in that area are:

    -St Julien Hotel & Spa
    900 Walnut Street, Boulder, CO

    – Hotel Boulderado
    2115 13th Street, Boulder, CO

    -The Bradley Boulder Inn
    2040 16th Street, Boulder, CO

  6. I got to Boulder on business at least once a quarter.

    The Marriott is what you’ll get if you plug-in a 3 or 4 star hotel for $100 (or $90) on Priceline. It is good. Too far to walk to downtown or the stadium, but still convenient.

    Cabs from downtown are pretty tough to come by. There is a cab stand and that is the only place you will get a cab and late at night they are tough to come by. If you get a friendly cabbie, grab his card and you will have better luck for late night pick ups.

    I typically stay at the Boulderado. I can get in there witih a corporate rate for $134, but regularly its over $200. It is old, haunted and has lots of character. Nothing super fancy, but I like it. They have a good happy hour, $10 overnight parking, and are right next to downtown, but not close enough that you can hear or smell the hippies. Just kidding. Kind of.

    The St Julien is new, nice and super nice. If you are bringing your wife (or if you are the wife), get her a spa/massage package. This is right off of downtown as well and is right in on all the action. It would save you about 8-10 blocks walk versus the Boulderado to the stadium/campus.

    I am guessing you’ll do a separate post on bars and restaurants. Frasca is the nicest place in town. It’s French and pricey. Bacaro and The Kitchen are good spots, again more nice, but casual. I like the Kitchen Upstairs and Bacaro’s got a cool outdoor patio upstairs.

    Happy Noodle is a new restaurant close to the St Julien that I just went to last week. Their bartender is some crazy world renown mixologist, so there are some crazy mixed cocktails (old school and new ones) that are pretty tasty.

    • Word on the street is that the Marriott is booked up. I’ll call and ask soon.

      I’ll try to get some cabbies prepared for us.

  7. For you people not interested in a 4-5 star hotel, try the 6-7 propertiies located at the Louisville/Superior exit on highway 36. It’s roughly 8-9 miles to the stadium but a bus will carry you right there.

  8. I have a hotel that is really far away in Louisville. Is there anywhere in town that i could get 2 rooms or should i jsut keep calling to see about cancellations.

  9. Does anyone know what hotel the team is staying in this weekend ? Go Dawgs

  10. FYI…I cancelled a room at the Courtyard Marriott (not the Marriott listed above) earlier this week so there may be a room available there now. I found free lodging for the trip.

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